The Little Beast Bar

The Little Beast Bar

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100% natural organic pet shampoo bar from The Little Soap Company. Great for all dogs and skin types. Suitable for puppies aged 4 months post jabs upwards. We love it!! Please note that this is a bar not a liquid.  


    100% Natural Organici Pet Shampoo Bar.

    Suitable for oily, normal, fleas, insects, smelly coats & muddly pups.

    Age Guidelines: None, but we suggest 4 months and upwards post jabs.

    Storage Tips: Allow soap to dry then store away from heat and light in the box supplied.

    Aroma: Lavender and Apricot oil.

    Directions: Wet coat, then rub the bar into the coat to create a sumtuous lather, rinse with warm water then pat dry with a towel.


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