Why Organic Hemp is Awesome!


Why have we chosen to use organic hemp to make our dog collars and leads? As an organic, natural and eco-friendly doggy company, we chose hemp as it is not only organic and natural but the most eco-friendly material we could find! Our adored doggies and beautiful plant earth deserve the best care.

Awesome Benefits of Hemp

Saves Water - Only needs 20% of the water needed to grow cotton.

Enriches the Soil - Hemp is only one of 6 genus of plants that enrich the soil


Strong - Hemp fibre is the strongest natural plant fibre in the world.

Extremely soft, antibacterial & breathable

Thermo-dynamic - keeps you cool when hot and warm when cold

Environmentally Friendly - grows well without herbicides and pesticides

Sustainable - effective converter of Co2 to oxygen, cleaning the air fighting global warming


No Waste - The whole plant is used when cultivating – seeds for food, fibre for cloth, pulp for paper and flowers for medicine – nothing goes to waste and reduces carbon footprint!

We hope you fall in love with hemp as much as we have, and can see why our organic hemp dog collars and leads are not only awesome for your adored doggies but for our precious plant earth too!

If your adored doggy would like a different colour to what we currently have in stock, please email us at dogsadored@yahoo.com and we can send you a colour chart and make you a bespoke collar and lead. Or if you prefer a different size please let us know.

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